01.16.18 Full meal candied broccoli apple salad

This salad is simple and delicious, and highly adaptable! The default is chock full raw organic fruits and veggies: broccoli, crunchy tart sweet apple, pomegranate, red bell pepper, and sweet onions, with crispy honey candied bacon (or candied smoked tofu), toasted pecans, and tart dried cherries in a dairy free yet creamy dressing. Topped with perfectly grilled steak (or chickpeas) this salad packs a vitamin and protein punch and is absolutely delicious! Request paleo, nightshade free (no bell peppers), vegetarian (no bacon or steak), or really any accommodation in the order comments. Or request vegetarian without chickpeas and split between two people as a side salad or a light lunch!

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
DF, GF, meat option is SF (V, V, P and NF available upon request)
Delivery Dates: