01.30.18 Full Belly Pantry: House Made Elderberry Syrup

This delectable, nutrient rich syrup has only four simple ingredients in the original flavour - organic elderberries, organic cinnamon, organic clove and local, raw honey*, and the option for the original flavor with added rosehip, ginger, and lemon for added complexity and a bit of brightness/tartness.

PLEASE SPECIFY FLAVOR CHOICE IN ORDER COMMENTS: original or rosehip-lemon-ginger.
Elderberry syrup is enjoyed by adult and kids alike, and is considered a great immune booster - full of antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals. It's also delicious drizzled on pancakes, mixed with soda water or in place of simple syrup in a delicious cocktail! The syrup will come in an 8 oz reusable amber glass bottle, and makes a great gift or winter household staple.

* Not appropriate for infants under 1 year.

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
GF, DF, NF, DF, P, V
$22 per half pint jar
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