08.22.17 Full meal panzanella salad - chicken or vegetarian

It's the beginning of tomato season, and the time when tomatoes are finally tasty!This means this acclaimed salad is back for its initial performance of the year. Toasted house made parmesan gruyere crostini (or request dairy free), fresh basil, parsley, and mint, cucumber, summer tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese (or omit in order comments), sweet onions, and balsamic olive oil dressing, on a bed of arugula, with an avocado for slicing. It's all tossed together shortly before serving so the bread is still a bit crunchy but saturated with dressing. Refreshing, delicious and full of summer flavor. Order without the bread and/or mozzarella for delightful summer tomato basil salad if you're gluten and/or dairy free. Topped with succulent grilled chicken unless you request vegetarian. White beans can be added to the vegetarian version upon request. This salad is also wonderful accompanied by the grilled steak if you prefer that to chicken.

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
Default is SF but all options are available upon request.
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